Kaal Masten

Visit Ministry of Mining, Industry and Energy from Equatorial Guinea

On Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27th, a delegation from the Ministry of Mining, Industry and Energy (MMIE) from Equatorial Guinea visited Kaal Masten. The delegation, led by Mr Alfredo Olo Lima, was received by Jos van den Hurk, Director Kaal Masten in Oss. In addition to a company introduction, the entire production process of the solar lighting, Spirit, is explained with the associated facilities.

The product line Spirit are lighting columns mainly composed of high-quality steel in which the solar energy technology is applied. This technology ensures that the energy of the sun is stored in the battery that will supply the LED fixture with power in the evening/night.

What the delegation mentioned as a major advantage is that the Spirit products operate independently. This is possible because no wiring is required, the batteries are recharged within a few hours and an autonomy of more than 48 hours. Through the GPS and astronomical clock the required data is always accurate in the Spirit product. As a result monitoring and maintenance of the Spirit products are minimal.

The most remarkable point was the visit of the Mayor of Oss what the Ministry of MMIE saw as a sign of respect.