Kaal Masten

Sustainable high-quality columns

"Kaal Masten, pleased to meet you!" We are committed to sustainable, safe and attractive public areas. In just a few decades we have developed into a leading professional manufacturer of columns.

What does Kaal Masten offer?

Kaal Masten provides a complete range of durable quality columns for a very wide variety of applications. We provide solutions to complex issues; often by providing customized solutions. Kaal Masten also takes away all your worries by seeing to the entire process - from design through to product inspection and testing. This approuch enables Kaal Masten to take care of everything so you do not have to!

What is our working method?

We would like to tell you all about our expertise, working methods and production options. So please feel free to contact one of our account managers.

What is our mission?

Our mission is aimed to provide customers with high-quality masts and to help them at all times by providing services and custom solutions. Just like you, we are committed to work to a safe and better living environment.


In 2015, Kaal Masten is present at  a number of tradefaires. Take a look at our exhibition calender.

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